You Are Already Perfect

How do we accept ourselves as we are, yet continue to improve?

I have a theory about narcissists.

They might act superior to everyone, but I don’t think they actually believe they are the best. In fact, their entire identity is built on shame. Their whole puffed-up persona is a house of cards, and their cruelty is born of the deep fear that the whole thing could come crashing down at any moment.

But I know a secret.

You are perfect. I know this because everything is perfect.

“But what about monsters?” you say. “They do exist.”

Are there people in the world that are not good at their core? Do monsters like that exist? Maybe. But I’m not concerned about them. I’m not a monster and I doubt you are. In fact, I’ve never met one. I have met people that were abused and that were hurt to the point of hurting others just to feel something. But I’ve never met a monster.

Try it. Just for a minute.

Close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart, feel it beating. Say to yourself, “I am already perfect.” Notice the loudness of the disagreement in your thoughts. See if you can love your fear, love your disbelief. Breathe. Say it again. And again.

Psychologist and Human mood ring.

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