Weeks 3 and 4 of my Running Program

Celebrating the little wins

Week 3

The third week of my running program I started to notice a tiny bit of progress. It’s ever so infinitesimal. In fact, I’m not sure I would have even noticed it if I hadn’t been keeping a running log, so a good argument for that practice! Each day, I try to track my steps, how far I’ve walked/run, and any observations.

What I’ve noticed is at each run I’ve been able to do a tiny bit more. At the beginning of the week, it was raining, which is a good reminder that one danger of putting off a run is the next day might not be ideal. But, I got out there for my jog and noticed the first two runs were actually kind of… easy? Of course, I’m still only running for one minute at a time at this point, but yeah, a little easier. Then did the third, and half of each of the 4th and 5th. Am I completing the whole circuit yet? No. Am I improving though? Yes!

The next time I got out it was even better! Up until this point, the app has been “optimizing” my runs, meaning it was giving me the same combination of walks and runs, and not adding anything. But today that sneaky app switched it up and I had 8 sets of runs without knowing it! I lost count and just found myself still running. I ended up getting back to the house before the program was over, but then just walked and ran around the yard. That actually wasn’t bad because the ground was soft. My calves are still tight, but it’s much more manageable. Definitely felt like progress.

I skipped the third run of the week and went for a hike with a friend instead.

Week 4

I am now doing the actual program instead of the optimized program! Win! What that means is that I’m doing 8 rounds of jogging. Today I did 6 1/2. Couldn’t quite finish, but I felt good nonetheless. The first six were definitely easier, and I got through them no problem, I just started getting really worn out at the end. I probably could have pushed through.

Now I’m learning that there is gonna be a mind game for me. I need to start paying attention to when it’s my body and when it’s my mind. I think that I probably could have done it. It was also pretty warm today. I am going to have to start shifting my runs to the morning as the days are getting warmer. My goal this week is to go to the park and run.

The second run was great, but I had to cut it a little short because I was late to meet a friend. Still, the fact that I had to meet someone and thought “I’ll just go for a quick jog before I have to leave” is HUGE. The app bumped me up to 1.5 minutes of running four times and two 1 minute jogs. I wasn’t able to do all of them, but the first and second ones were pretty easy! I can definitely tell, especially when I’m first starting out, it feels so much easier. I was excited to go today too, was even pressed for time, and still got out there. I just knew that I wouldn’t do it if I put it off. This is definitely proving to me that this is a convenient form of exercise!

I took my dog for a walk in the park and ended up sprinting around the yard when I got home. I actually felt like running a little bit. It was a weird feeling, but I had the urge to just run around a little. I’d say that’s a milestone! I’m still bummed that I didn’t technically do a third run this week, but, I’m also going for another hike tomorrow.

This week has been good, almost like there’s a little shift happening.

Celebrating small wins is so important. Even if they are things that might seem silly, I think noticing them helps me reinforce, this is something that’s working.

This is part of my Diary of a Reluctant Runner series. Read more about my adventures of changing from a pandemic potato into someone that occasionally goes for a jog!

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