Miss Working in Public? Try One of These Soothing Recordings

Recreate a coffee shop in your own home

Photo by RR Abrot on Unsplash

I miss working in coffeeshops. There’s something comforting in having just the right level of background noise. Voices, the sounds of the espresso machine, music, laughter. Add to this the smells of a cafe and a crackling fireplace on a cold day, or an open window and birds chirping on a sunny one, and you’ve got the perfect ambiance to get lost in your work.

But I’ve recently discovered that there are loads of recordings on YouTube of background noise. Some have music, some have the sounds of rain, others just have voices and random noises. They might be just the thing if you are looking to recreate your coffeeshop experience.

Before you sit down to work, make yourself a tasty beverage, maybe a little snack too. Seat yourself by a window if you can, the view can help trick the mind into thinking that it’s not stuck in the house. Then, pop on some headphones or just play these tracks on a speaker as you work.

  1. This one is simple, just background noise. (8 hours long, so no need to worry about it cutting off).

2. Here’s one that has the sweet sound of rain, plus a little music. (also 8 hours)

3. If you also love LoFi this one is for you. Shop sounds, plus rain, and music (2 hours)

4. If you’re looking for a more lively atmosphere, this recording has a more late-night, bar feel. Jazz and voices. (2 hours)

5. Want to pretend you’re in Paris? Here’s an actual recording of a busy bistro. (1 hour)

6. Or how about Japan? (3 hours)

7. Maybe you’d like just a quiet library. Sounds of writing and pages turning… (3 hours)

8. How about an extra-cozy medieval tavern? Fireplace crackling and quiet murmurs. (1 hour)

9. And this one has it all, fireplace, coffee sounds, quiet voices, and rain. (1 hour)

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