I'm so tired of the Ivy League white man posing as guide to spirituality, casting his science-y shroud over things and belittling what he doesn't understand. This trope has been going on since Ram Dass found religion and it really hasn't changed much. These men love to tell us what to do, and place themselves at the forefront of things that have been around for centuries. Not unlike any colonizer who slaps a flag on someone's land and calls it a discovery, they are just so blind to their own biases.

That said, I am equally tired of this false dichotomy of the masculine and the feminine. Isn't forcing a dualism of soft and hard, emotional and rational, mysterious and knowable, just perpetuating the same sexist thinking that we are trying to destroy? Why continue to push a narrative that places what we know is a beautiful spectrum into two separate boxes? What good comes of this? Dividing the world into two camps does nothing except create division. In-groups and out-groups.

Psychologist and Human mood ring.