How to Thrift Like a Pro

Save money while saving the planet

Thrift stores: the cheap and random

Here’s one very important tip as you are starting out. Don’t go searching for something specific like say, a black pencil skirt. Until you really know the lay of the land, and which stores have what, you’ll just get frustrated. Treat the first few trips as research.

Consignment shops: higher-end goods

Consignment shops are stores that will actually buy what you bring in, rather than just taking donations like thrift stores. They are the next level up, quality-wise. These stores are going to be a little bit more expensive than thrift stores, but the clothes will be nicer because they can afford to be choosy.

Online thrifting: for the pickier shopper

There are so many great ways to buy used clothing online! These sites really help you if you are looking for something specific. I love the thrill of finding some totally unusual piece at the thrift store, but if you want to narrow your search, online shops are the best.

Naked Lady Parties!

Something that’s been going on a lot in my neck of the woods is what is called a Naked Lady Party. These are big clothing swaps where everyone brings a bag of gently used clothing, and trades. Clothes are laid out around the space, sometimes organized sometimes not, and you just start digging!

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Here’s an idea, what if everyone bought 80% of their clothes secondhand and 20% new? For a little while, the only new thing I was buying was coats. I’d buy a stylish new coat once a year. At this point, I now have a gorgeous peacoat, a puffer jacket, a faux leather jacket, a jean jacket and a really good raincoat. I’m probably good on the coats. But, I totally let myself splurge on the high-end stuff because I bought almost everything else used.

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