How to Painlessly Create a Capsule Wardrobe

And discover your personal style

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A color palette can help create cohesion in your wardrobe

What my process looks like

I committed to doing this experiment for a full year, and then I never went back. Now I’ve got it down. Each season, I pull my clothes out of storage (and after years of curation, everything I own fits into two Rubbermaid containers). I choose my color palette and pick a general feel for the season. For example, my feel this winter is “grandpa chic” — I don’t really know if this is a thing, but right now I’m wearing baggy pants and cardigans with big clunky shoes and I think it’s great. I don’t really care if other people don’t get it, I really like it! I look to people on Pinterest for style inspiration (like Nadia Sarwar) and enjoy getting creative with it.

The benefits

  • I do one load of laundry a week. It takes me no time to wash, dry and put everything away. I really can’t overstate how nice this is
  • This is an obvious one but getting ready is SO EASY. I don’t have to try on a million things, I don’t have to waste valuable brain space making a decision. Everything works, so I can just grab it and go
  • I have a clearer sense of my own style. Doing this for a few seasons really helped me refine my taste and figure out what I actually like and don’t like. It helped me see what was really flattering. It also elevated my style a little, since it forced me to get rid of the unflattering but comfy stuff.
  • I stopped buying any article of clothing unless I could think of several outfits that I could create with it right away. Since I get most of my clothes at thrift stores, I wasn’t that worried about saving money, but it did help me stop making impulse buys, and buying things that are pretty similar to items I already own.
  • It has helped me with my body issues. Having clothes that don’t fit mixed in with your regular clothes is a huge bummer. I didn’t realize the damage I was subconsciously doing to myself by seeing things every day that I liked but couldn’t wear. It’s not motivating. It just starts your day off on the wrong foot.
  • After I saw how it simplified my life and freed me up, it started spilling over into other parts of my life. I started paring down all kinds of things, and it’s helped me get organized in all sorts of ways.

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