Define Success for Yourself

And the path to success becomes clear

The Hustle

I reached out to studios, businesses, and anywhere I thought might be interested in having mindfulness classes. I created a corporate mindfulness program. I linked up with studios and wellness centers to create meditation courses for them. I taught at festivals, schools, parties, events, you name it… if it was a job, I took it. I did a lot of volunteering. My goal was to just get my name out there.

Money isn’t the only measure of success

At first, my only metric was money. Was I making enough money? What was bringing in the most money? I figured I’d just do more of whatever was making the most money. I did this for a bit but quickly realized that when I created content from a place of just trying to make money, it fell flat. It sounded trite and inauthentic.

Begin with your heroes

I started by thinking about the teachers that I deeply respect. Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, Lodro Rinzler, Thich Nhat Hahn… and many more. I asked myself, why do I consider them successful? It’s not because they’re rich. I realized that it’s because they are considered experts in their field.

Define success your way, then look for examples of it in your life

So when I did my audit, I asked myself when did this happen? When did people approach me for work? Three examples came to mind. And I was able to trace those back to specific work that I had produced.

How do YOU define success?

If you can personally define success, then you will have a clearer roadmap. Ask yourself, “how will I know when I’ve made it?”

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