Cycle Syncing, Seed Cycling, and Hormonal Health in Recovery

Finding the balance you crave

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The little known infradian rhythm

As menstruating humans, we have an infradian rhythm as well as a circadian rhythm. I’ve always known about the circadian rhythm, that’s our sleep and hunger cycle, and it happens over a 24-hour period. But I never really thought about the idea of my menstrual cycle in the same way. Shaping your life (what you eat, how you exercise, how you plan) around this monthly cycle is called Cycle Syncing. I recently started looking into it, and here’s what I’ve learned so far.

graphic illustrating the four cycles
graphic illustrating the four cycles

Some simple ways to start cycle syncing

This information is a little bit complex and can feel overwhelming, so I’m starting with a couple of simple practices for now. Here are the two things that I’m going to try right away

graphic showing seed cycling and phases
graphic showing seed cycling and phases
  • Ovulatory phase: 2 parts Hibiscus Flowers ~ 2 parts Peppermint
  • Luteal phase: 2 parts Oatstraw ~ 1 part Red Clover or Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Menstrual phase: 2 parts Nettle ~ 1 part Hibiscus flowers ~ 1 part Oatstraw ~ 1 part Cramp Bark (optional for those who experience painful cramping during bleeding)

Hormones and recovery

And if you happen to be wondering if this has anything to do with recovery — it 100% does! Not many people know, but alcohol is a huge hormone disruptor. (I’ll tell you the truth, I thought I was hitting early menopause when I was still drinking because I was starting to get hot flashes. They immediately ceased when I quit). Alcohol increases estrogen and lowers progesterone. It can lead to disruption in periods, like heavy bleeding or missed periods, which greatly increases the risk of breast cancer.

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