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What I’m doing on Medium

Forever fascinated by people and the things they do, I’ve been studying Psychology in one way or another for over twenty years. I want my writing to be a form of psychoeducation. …

A guide for robots

A young girl wearing a pink backpack holds hands with a small humanoid robot wearing a pink lei
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One of the hardest parts of getting healthy is believing in yourself.

A group of people running on sand towards a sunset, leaping into the air
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What is self-efficacy?

There is a concept…

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Tips and tricks from therapy, group, and life experience

A group of people in the woods sitting around a campfire
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Without this practice, I don’t think I ever would have found peace

a loom with yellow threads and a woman’s hands
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The wave is coming — how will you handle it?

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Is this just a new trend or an important evolution in sobriety?

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And applying what I learned from the first one

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Amanda O’Bryan

Psychologist and Human mood ring.

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