9 Reasons the Myers-Briggs Personality Test is Trash and Companies Should Never Use it Again

Your ISFP shouldn’t keep you from getting a promotion

Photo by Kinga Kołodziejska on Unsplash

1. The test was not created by experts

2. The MBTI is not reliable, or valid

3. Traits aren’t the best way to think about personality

Behavior is not predictable across situations and personality is not stable.

4. Myers-Briggs chooses for you

5. The statistically slippery Likert scale

6. We are all liars

7. The Lake Wobegon Effect

8. There are no bad personality traits

9. Personality tests in the workplace are limiting and dangerous

You could just as easily write a short essay about your personality and why it’s awesome and it would be just as meaningful as the MBTI.

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